Ing. Mark Tammer MSc MEng

Mark Tammer is a part-time PhD-reseracher in the field of ship and offshore structures and specializes in Inspection, Repair and Maintenance activities. He graduated for his BSc in Industrial Management in 2007 and completed his Master of Engineering in Maintenance Management in 2009, both from the HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. In addition he received a MSc in Asset Integrity Management from the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen in 2009. After gaining experience in fleet management and maintenance at Tammer BV, Soesterberg, Mark made the switch to educational management. First as a lecturer and later as head of department of Industrial Management and at this moment the same function, but of the department of Mechanical Engineering at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. 

His research commenced in 2012 and is titled "Structural Health Monitoring as an enabler for for Risk Based Inspection of offshore structures: The input of crack propagation monitoring on the design and implementation of inspection and risk classification regimes of FPSO's". Besides his research Mark participated in the ISSC committee V7 on Structural Longevity.