Ir. Menno van der Horst

Menno van der Horst graduated with distinction and with honors in May 2014 for his MSc degree in Structural Engineering at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). He obtained his BSc degree in Civil Engineering in 2011 also at TU Delft. The title of his MSc thesis is "Passive Monitoring of Fatigue Cracks in Steel Ship- and Offshore Structures" which is part of the CrackGuard Joint Industry Project (JIP). Currently, Menno is continuing his research on this new crack monitoring system as a full-time PhD candidate at TU Delft under supervision of Mirek Kaminski. The first phase of the CrackGuard JIP ( will finish in October 2014 whereafter the second phase will be started which will have a duration of four years.

Menno has a very wide interest in engineering that ranges from design and Finite Element Modelling of civil structures to nondestructive evaluation and fatigue assessment of ship and offshore structures. He did an internship at the American Bureau of Shipping in Houston, Texas where he performed fracture- and leakage analysis of an LNG containment system and created an Excel software tool for this. To get even more familiar with ship structures, Menno will be involved in the structural part of the second year project of the Bachelor Maritime Engineering on ship design.