Master graduates

Every year almost 20 students graduate with the Ship and Offshore Structures specialization of the Marine Technology and Offshore and Dredging Engineering MSc programmes. The list below shows part of the students that graduated over the years, for most of them an abstract or thesis can be found on the TU Delft repository .

Guoging Hong: Substructure design optimisation for deep water drillship
Reza Karimi: Investigation of hydrostructural interactions based on the results of the Sloshel project
Francesco Radaelli: Advanced Monitas Methodology
Sandor Hotte: Fatigue Mintoring System of the J-lay tower on heerema's DCV Balder
Peter Madlener: Applied analysis of sandwich panel connection design for composite ship hulls
Nick Olthof: Design of an offshore mooring installation reel for the Aegir
Olaf van Schalkwijk: A mooring chain fatigue assessment for a selected LNG export facility concept including a method to incorporate out-of-plane bending fatigue
Juan Zhu: Repetitive installation of windmill foundations - development of a method for the repeated installation of jacket type offshore windmill foundations
Chulcwuem Apugo : Application of high strength steel in offshore jacket design
Vivek Jangra: Impact of hull stiffness on FPSO/FLNG modules
Gerard Vreugdenhil: Improvement of post-grounding residual strength assessment - crach behaviour in damaged bottom structures of general cargo ship
Qingzhu Luo: Residual stress in aluminum structure after welding and impact loading
Tom Willemse: Investigation to the influence of atmospheric icing on the fatigue life of a flare stack
Tino Kuin: Analysis of load transfer in grouted connections of OWEC foundations
Mathieu Simonis: Design of a jacket restraint system for single lift removal including a multi-axial fatigue assessment
Hugo de Bot: The risk of ship-jacket collision on the Dutch continental shelf
Emiel Trommelen: Design of a braced monopile production platform including a fatigue assessment of brace and chord loaded joints
Lex Koopman: Application of grillage foundation for subsea structures
Pieter Maljaars: Smart flexible propellers - hydroelastic analysis of flexible marine propellers
Suvrat Jain: FPSO - supply vessel collision analysis based on shared energy design
Diederick van Welij: A standardized approach for the determination of the turret position - including multiaxial fatigue assessment
Douwe Treurniet: Arctic Hub Concept - concept generation and feasibility study with a focus on ice-induced fatigue
Bram Schrier: Cryogenic LNG spill induced fracture
Remco Berghout: Fatigue Behaviour of offshore jacket piles
Koos Meerkerk: Hydrodynamic loads on moonpool doors - simplified model extended with CFD-calculations
David van den Berg: Inspection Updating of System Fatigue reliability
Manuel Rios: Current and future strategies for the classification, inspection, maintenance and repair of FPSO's
Navin Autar: Modeling impact in offshore guide and bumpers
Marco Vermue: Dynamic behaviour of fenders
Carlo Vijn: Failure of pipelines with machined pipe ends during on-reel - reliability based assessment
Mark van den Berg: A complete analysis and prevention of LNG induced fracture on board an FLNG
Bineke Verdegaal: Simplified design methodology for fatigue analysis of gangway of Ampelman
Michiel Biesheuvel: Operation and maintenance of a floating tidal energy farm - a sensitivity study
Menno van der Horst: Passive monitoring of steel ship and offshore structures
Sam Verdel: Development of an offshore cable monitoring solution
Karen van Vliet: The effect of watchkeeping Schedules on the Workload of Mooring Masters during Offloading operations - A financial risk analysis of three watchkeeping scenarios in FPSO - Tanker Offloadings
Paula van Lieshout: Multiaxial fatigue analysis of a wheel-rail turret bearing for an FPSO offloading Buoy
Myriam Koopmans: Development of a weld inspection model - a fracture mechanics approach
Hanzil Hakeem Mohamed: Optimization of SCF's of Multiplanar Tubular Joints for Offshore Jackets
Tim Cook: Buckling of Cylindrical Shells with a Granular Core Under Global Bending
Traian Marin: Fatigue Analysis of the Column-Pontoon Connection in a Semi-Submersible Floating Wind Turbine
Adarsh Gupta: Experimental investigation of effects of residual stresses on fatigue crack growth in pipelines with allowance for the scale effects
Owura Yeboah: Comparisson of linear and non-linear structural analysis approches for explosion blast event/loading on FPSO topside modules
Luuk Vliegen: Multiaxial fatigue assessment of a randomly loaded FPSO bilge keel - a time domain method
Camilo Fernando: Analysis of stress and strain concentration factors of multiplanar tubular joints of a stinger structure
Jianjun Tang: Risk based inspections for topside connections of FPSO
Willem van Schoten: A global load estimation method for FPSOs
Olivier van Papenrecht: Static and fatigue analysis of a weathervaning slewing bearing system
Eelco van Vliet: Axisymmetrical topology optimization of an FPSO main bearing support structure
Albert Lestraden: Grounding of sailing yachts
Mattijs Bolk: The effect of residual local ovalities induced by the realing of joint mismatches on the lilit states in the sagbend
Francesco Petillo: Probability-based strength reassessment of corroded FPSOs using monitored loads
Barend Bentvelsen: Local quasi-static slamming response using a GWM strip approach
Toon Banen: Development of an efficient motion based hull strength analysis
Frank van Eeden: Multiaxial Fatigue due to Wave Induced Accelerations in a Flex-lay Tower Structure
Frederike Nugteren: Flexible Riser Fatigue Analysis: Studying Conservatism in Flexible Riser Fatigue Analysis and Development of an Engineering Model to Study Influencing Parameters of Local Wire Stress
You Zhou: Effect of plastic deformation on residual strength of ship structures after grounding
Marnix Brouwer: Analyzing OPB fatigue of mooring chain applying multiaxial PDMR method
Philip Rabe: On Dynamic Fatigue Loads on Composite Downlines in Offshore Service
Fengfeng Mao : Longitudinal ultimate bending strength analysis of ship structure for emergency response
Marius Dam: Mooring Optimization in Time Domain using Harmony Search
Yonna Welschen: Suction bucket buckling: Buckling behaviour of suction buckets during installation in layered soils
Reinier Bos: Hydrodynamic load simplification: Through Ultimate Strength of a Stiffened Panel
Dominik Fallais: Model Based Identification of Hydrodynamic Loads and System Parameters for Offshore Wind Turbine Monopile Support Structures
Naomi van den Berg: A prediction method for the underwater acoustic signature of steel surface vessels, allowing for a quick approximation during the design stage.
Sven Verlaan: Comparative analysis of common practice fatigue versus multiaxial fatigue applied to a floating unit for wind turbine installation
Farzaneh Zahiri Esfahani: Numerical Research on Elasto-plastic Response of FPSO Topside Modules Subjected to Blast Loading Aiming at a Simplified Design Method
Xinhai Wang: On the use of path-dependent maximum range method in critical plane based multi-axial fatigue criteria
Justen Ingels: Design and accuracy study of a subsea cable monitoring system using 2D sonar equipment
Ewoud Huiskamp: Permanent frame tilt in a submarine pressure hull due to cyclic tank pressure on a wing bulkhead with allowance for ratcheting
Edoardo Volpe: Orthotropic Materials Stiffness Identification by MNET based on Modal Analysis
Jan Tromp: The Effect of Braces in an Asymmetric Semi-Submersible - A Structural Weight and Multi-axial Fatigue Assessment
Menno Sonnema: Influence of cyclic loads on epoxy coated carbon steel performance
Dirk van der Laag: Design and Calibration of a Multi-Axial Load Cell for Quasi-Static and Dynamic Testing
Arthur Tanis: A hydro-elastic model for fatigue lifetime assessment of The Ocean Cleanup barrier
Rutger Jansen: Applicability of the Fatigue Damage Sensor in a Structural Health Monitoring System - Sensor fatigue characteristics and lifetime estimates
Naicheng Tang: Comparative Fatigue Analysis of a Tidal Turbines Support Structure
Pieter Nobel: Validation and verification of plastic axisymmetric collapse criteria of ring-stiffened perfect cylindrical shell under external hydrostatic pressure
Coen Bouhuijs: Effect of construction process on displacement reduction of aluminium high speed craft
Stan Haag: Ship Grounding Damage - An Estimate through Acceleration Measurements
Nick Verhoef: Optimization of the skidded load-out process
Laurette Bronswijk: Fluid-Structure Interaction of Self-Addaptive Marine Propellers
Hugo Romer: Wire & Arc Additive Manufacturing for offshore appliances - a study on ultimate strength and fatigue lifetime.
Mark Slagmolen: Determination of planar crack front geometry based on nearcrack surface displacement field obtained from simulated digital image correlation measurements
Bart Scheeren: On the Development of a Volumetric Acoustic Emission Fatigue Crack Monitoring System
Niels van Rijn: Investigating the behaviour of acoustic emission waves near cracks
Niels Troost: Confused seastate induced fatigue
Luuk Blekmam: Fatigue assessment of trailing suction hopper dredgers. A study on the contribution of the dredging cycle to the fatigue damage in the bottom door openings.
Athanasios Droutsas: Effect of stochastic material properties on the structural response of laminated composite materials following the building block approach.
Floriaan Bijleveld: Stress-State Dependent Fracture Prediction. An Application in Numerical Analysis of Maritime Collision
Sylvia van Kreveld: CrackGuard magnetic measurements of chain connectors