Xiaobo Zhang, MSc

Xiaobo was born in Hejin (河津), which is a small city next to the Yellow River in North China. In Chinese his name expresses the meaning of “sea waves at dawn” which, perhaps, is a sign of his future research. After graduating from senior middle school in his hometown, he spent the next 4 years at Wuhan University and received the bachelor’s degree of Engineering Mechanics in 2010. Then he continued his study at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. He attained the master’s degree of Solid Mechanics in the end of 2012. The next step of his career was the move to Shanghai, where he worked as a structure engineer in a civil engineering company for one and a half year. After some ups and downs, finally, he was accepted as a PhD candidate in the group of Ship and Offshore Structures. His project starts from 2016, and his research focus on the fatigue performance of composite marine propellers.