Dr.ir. Henk den Besten


2001 - 2005 BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering (Cum Laude), The Hague University of Applied 
Sciences (Technische Hogeschool Rijwijk)
Thesis: Fatigue Analysis of Double Walled Oil Tankers
2005 - 2008  MSc degree in Marine Technology (Cum Laude), Delft University of Technology
Thesis: Hydrodynamic Impact of Sandwich Structures with Flexible Core and Damping 

Employment Record:
2008 - 2015  PhD student (AIO) at Marine and Transport Technology Department, Section 
Ship Hydromechanics and Structures, Delft University of Technology.

Professional Memberships:
2013 - present International Ship Structure Committee (ISSC) III.2 Fatigue and Fracture member.

Research Focus:
Fatigue and fracture in common and advanced materials / hydro-elasticity.

Awards and Honours:
Unilever Research Prize 2008 MSc thesis award
Best graduate student 2005 BEng award

2009 Besten J.H. den, Huijsmans R.H.M., 2009, Hydrodynamic Impact of Sandwich Structures with Flexible 
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Technology – HYEL 2009, Southampton, United Kingdom, 8-10 September 2009, pp 600-610.

2010 Besten J.H. den, Huijsmans R.H.M., 2010, Fatigue in High-Speed Ships: Crack Propagation in 
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– PRADS 2010, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 19-24 September 2010, pp 1375-1383.

2011 Besten J.H. den, Huijsmans R.H.M., Vredeveldt A., 2011, Hydrodynamic Impact of Sandwich 
Structures with Vibration Isolation and Structural Damping Properties, International Shipbuilding 
Progress 58 (1), pp 1-57.

Besten J.H. den, Huijsmans R.H.M., 2011, Fatigue of High-Speed Aluminium Ships: a Master Curve 
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Germany, 28-30 March 2011, pp 267-275.

Besten J.H. den, Huijsmans R.H.M., 2011, Fatigue Master Curve Approach for Arc-Welded Aluminium
Joints ~ Mean Stress Effects, Proc. of the 30th Int. Conf. on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering 
– OMAE 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 19-24 June 2011.